Admin Console - Overview

Introduction to the VirnetX One Admin Console and available options:

Admin Console provides controls to manage Applications, Users, Devices and Networks within your organization. Admin Console is only available to organization owners and to users with 'Administrator' role. 

  1. Click the ADMIN CONSOLE button at the bottom of the VirnetX One button menu. 

    The Admin Console HOME Screen will be displayed.

    The buttons shown are HOME / APPS / USERS / DEVICES / NETWORK / DASHBOARD.

  2. Click the APPS button to display the APPLICATIONS Screen. This view lists all the applications that are being secure by VirnetX One platform. In addition to VirnetX WarRoom you can secure any of your existing applications that run on TCP and/or UDP protocol. Click on  'NEW APPLICATION'  and follow the instructions to add your application. For more information, please see 'Securing an Application using VirnetX One Matrix'.

    This screen will display Protected Apps and Templates that exist for current use.

  3. Click the USERS button to display the USERS Screen. This views shows all the users within your organization. If an organization has just been onboarded organization owner is the only user within that organization. Organization owner will either need to add users. For more information on adding and managing users please see 'Managing Users'.

    This screen will display current Active users and various associated information regarding them.

  4. Click the DEVICES button to display the DEVICES Screen. All the user devices that are connected to any of the application secured by VirnetX One platform will be displayed here. For more information on managing devices please see 'Managing Devices'.
    This screen will display current Active devices and various associated information regarding them.
  5. Click the NETWORK button to display the NETWORK Screen. When you secure an application using VirnetX One Matrix a secure, virtual private network is created, any communication that happens on this network remains completely isolated from your other works. 

This view displays all Secure Domains associated with the VirnetX One software and additional information regarding users and devices.

Clicking the DASHBOARD Button will return you to the DASHBOARD Screen that is shown as the default when first launching VirnetX One.