Getting Started

How to install and sign-in to your VirnetX One account.


  1. Download VirnetX One from
  2. Run the downloaded installer.VirnetX One Setup or the VirnetX One Installer will launch:
    Windows - click the Next button on the VirnetX One Setup dialog box.
    Mac - click the Continue button on the VirnetX One Installer dialog box.
  3. For both Windows and Mac Security checks dialog boxes:
    Windows - click the Install button when the option is provided.
    Mac - click the Install Software button when the option is provided.

    Note: Both systems should prompt for confirmation of login and password to install VirnetX One  - in order to continue the installation input the data when requested.
  4. Once the Setup/Installer has completed:
    Windows - click the Finish button in the Set Up dialog box.
    Mac - click the Close button in the Installer dialog box.

    Note: This is the final step for installation of the VirnetX One software, now you will need to sign into your personal area within the VirnetX One environment.

    The screens to follow will be the same regardless of the operating system.

    1. Enter your organization identifier proceeded by your two digit location (based on your geographic location - i.e. US for United States, UK for United Kingdom, etc) in the text box shown.

      Note: DO NOT click the AGREE & CONTINUE button shown below unless you have read the License Agreement and the Privacy Policy.
  5. Click the NEXT button.
  6. Enter your email in the text box provided and click the AGREE & CONTINUE button. 
  7. Enter the Activation Code sent to the email provided in step 8.

    Note: Be sure to check spam or junk folders if not found in the inbox.
  8. Click the NEXT button.

Welcome to the VirnetX One Dashboard.