What ports are utilized when running VirnetX One?

Ports to open on firewall to allow communications for VirnetX One apps.


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What ports are utilized when running VirnetX One?

The VirnetX One Platform uses the following outbound ports that your network team must unblock to create secure connections. No inbound ports need to be opened.

Connect and Activation Services

myvirentx.com TCP 443 – VirnetX Registry
us.virnetxone.com TCP 443 – VirnetX Registrar

 connect.us.virnetxone.com TCP 443 – Used for initial activation, device availability and         establishing connections


Relay & VPN Services

TCP/UDP 443 – Used during VPN connection negotiation. The VirnetX Platform will always determine the most direct route and prioritize the best connection available.

UDP 2000-2020 – Used for network testing to determine the most direct connection possible.

Our VirnetX Relays operate on the following hostnames:



TCP/UDP 17770 (Optional1) – Used to connect devices directly to each other when both sides are on the same local area network (LAN).


For networks that are operating a Unified Thread Management (UTM) system, both TCP and UDP traffic on this port is required to enable communication between devices on the local network.