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Adding remote applications (RDP & SSH)

Securing remote applications via Matrix

Apart from securing applications that are running on VirnetX Matrix server itself you can also secure services that are running on remote device provided those services are part of the same network as Matrix.

  1. Go to 'APPS" on Admin Console and click on 'NEW APPLICATION' button
  2. Select RDP template. After filling out details click 'NEXT'. If you don't see a template you are looking for see the article 'Creating Templates' on creating one.
  3. Grant users access and click 'NEXT'
  4. Select a hostname for your remote desktop and click 'NEXT'
  5. Verify all the details before you click 'CREATE'
  6. If you would like to use an existing Matrix server you can skip step 1 "Install VirnetX One Platform" and head straight to step 2.
  7. Add '--targetIp' flag and provide the IP address for the remote device you want to secure. In this example replace 'IP_Address' with the IP address for the windows machine.
  8.  Similarly, you can also secure SSH access to Matrix server or to another device on your network.
  9. Once you have run all three steps wait for 10-15 minutes for applications to propagate to all your users. Your users should see these newly secured apps on their VirnetX One Dashboard.
  10. Clicking on the application name under 'REMOTE RESOURCE' will bring up details on how to access the application.