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Access Templates

What are they? And, how to create one?

VirnetX Matrix secures your applications by ensuring that only authorized VirnetX One users are allowed to connect to your applications. In order for VirnetX One to secure an application it needs to know some basic information about your application like protocol type (TCP/UDP), type of application (HTTP, RDP, SSH etc.), port number etc. Rather than providing this information each time you secure an application you can save it as a template and then apply it to secure applications of the same type.

VirnetX One provides some default templates. For example, 'Web Applications (HTTPS)' can be used to secure web applications. If you don't find a template that matches your need follow the instructions below to create a new template.

  1. Click on 'APPS' on the Admin Console and then click on 'Access Templates'. Click on 'NEW ACCESS TEMPLATE'
  2. Provide a name for your template and a description.
  3. From the application icon drop down select an icon that matches your application. This is the icon that will display on the VirnetX One Dashboard for your users. For example, if you are providing secure access to a Desktop machine select 'Desktop'.
  4. Under 'ACCESS RULES' select an application protocol. If you don't see one that matches your need you can define a custom application protocol.
    'APPLICATION' dropdown options. 
  5. Select a 'PROTOCOL' and 'PORT' number where your application is running.
  6. Click 'SAVE' to create your template.

You can now use this newly created template to secure your applications via VirnetX One Matrix. See the article 'Securing Applications' for more information on how to secure application with VirnetX One Matrix Server.

You can also secure more than one application with a single template. The following example illustrate how you can secure LAMP (Linux, Apache, My Sql and PHP) stack with one single template.